Filmkonst – special: Mr. Oizo / Quentin Dupieux – hans liv och syn på livet



Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo (född 1974) är en fransk fotograf som blev filmskapare som blev musikvideoregissör som blev musiker som blev filmskapare igen.

Känd för 90-talsplågan ”Flat Beat” och hans musikvideos med den gula muppen Flat Eric, som gjorde succé världen över och även huvudfigur för en populär serie reklamfilmer. Idag är Quentin Dupieux/Mr. Oizo mest känd för sina skruvade långfilmer. Han slog igenom i filmsammanhang med Rubber 2010 och i förrgår recenserade jag hans senaste film, Wrong Cops (se recension). Quentin Dupieuxs favoritfilm är inte oväntat Raising Arizona (1987), av bröderna Coen.

maxresdefault (1)

1996 – Quentin Dupieuxs franska genombrott vid 23 års ålder med kortfilmen/dubbelmusikvideon för electroartisten Laurent Garnier:

1997 – Quentin Dupieux regisserade flera musikvideos för Laurent Garnier, bland annat denna för spåret ”Flashback”:

1998 – Dupieuxs första musikvideo (under alias ”Mr. Oizo”) med muppen ”Flat Eric”:

1999 – Mr. Oizos genombrott som musiker och Quentin Dupieuxs internationella genombrott som musikvideoregissör med hitlåten ”Flat Beat”):

1999 – Den världskända reklamkampanjen för Levis med Flat Eric, regisserad av Dupieux:

1999 – Musikvideo för Mr. Oizo-låten ”Analog Worms Attack” (höjdpunkten i Dupieuxs musikvideokarriär enligt mig):

2005 – Reklam/kortfilm för nya albumet Moustache (Half a Scissor) med spåret ”Stunt” som senare även har en viktig roll i filmen Wrong Cops:

2005 – Musikvideo för låten ”Nurse Bob”, på Mr Oizos andra album, Moustache (Half a Scissor):

2009 – En Making of/kortfilm av Mr Oizos tredje album Lambs Anger, regisserad av… honom:

2010 – Introduktionen till hans första långfilm, Rubber:

2010 – Kortfilmen Where’s The Money, George? med Flat Eric och artisten Pharrell Williams:

2012 – Trailer för hans första engelskspråkiga långfilm, Wrong:

2013 – Trailer för hans andra engelskspåkiga långfilm, Wrong Cops:

Scion A/V Presents: Mr. Oizo Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.


Discografi / Filmografi:


#1 (EP, 1997)

Quentin Dupieux om… den musikaliska processen: ”There is no process, I just follow my instinct. I use a laptop computer with some stupid softwares.”


M-Seq (EP, 1997)

Quentin Dupieux om… motivationen till att skapa: ”The motivation is always the same; I’m just trying to escape the boring. I’m a dreamer.”


Flat Beat (Singel, 1999)

Från Wikipedia: An accompanying music video was released on VHS. The music video features Flat Eric, a puppet, head banging to the track. It is also considered one of the earliest instances of Electro house.


Analog Worms Attack (LP, 1999)

Från Wikipedia: The album received generally favourable reviews on release, and has become an influence in the electronic genre.


Moustache (Half a Scissor) (LP, 2005)

Från Wikipedia: This was the infamous record that led to Dupieux to leave the F. Com label and form an alliance with French label Ed Banger Records. The first and only single from Moustache (Half a Scissor) was ”Stunt” (samma låt som kritiseras hårt i filmen Wrong Cops, vilket visar på djupt rörande (he he he) självbiografiska referenser till Quentin Dupieuxs musikkarriär – bloggens anmärkning).

cover oizo

Lambs Anger (LP, 2008)

Från Wikipedia: Unlike Analog Worms Attack and Moustache (Half a Scissor), the album is composed of many dance tracks suited for a club environment. The album cover pays homage to the 1928 surrealist film ”Un Chien Andalou”, where in place of Simone Mareuil is a puppet named Flat Eric, who appeared in the music video for Flat Beat.

The album was released in France on 17 November 2008 and in America on 26 January 2009. It has received mixed reviews, with Pitchfork Media and PopMatters especially disliking it.


Stade 2 (LP, 2011)

Från Wikipedia: This album has received mixed reviews, with Tiny Mix Tapes and Consequence of Sound particularly disliking it.


Stade 3 (EP, 2012)

Quentin Dupieux om… DJs: ”I have absolutely no respect for DJs.”


Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant (EP, 2012)

Quentin Dupieux om… valet mellan mango eller melon: ”Fruits are retarded.”


Amicalement (EP, 2013)

Quentin Dupieux om… relationen han har till sina instrument: ”My computer is just a tool. If it doesn’t work properly, I dump it and replace it with a brand new one.”


Nonfilm (Film, 2002)

Quentin Dupieux om… skillnaden mellan film och verklighet: “Almost every movie makes too much sense. That’s why we call them movies — they’re very different from life. And usually in a movie, at the end, you feel satisfied because everything is in order, and everything makes sense. That’s why you’re supposed to feel good when you watch a mainstream movie. And I have to say, I enjoy it. It’s like, for 90 minutes, you watch something that is not really connected to real life. But from my point of view real life doesn’t make sense. Every day you experience stuff that is not necessarily perfectly scripted. That’s what I’m trying to do, basically, I’m trying to bring some organic elements, something that is more connected to…. you know, for example, when you dream your unconscious makes connections with things that are not supposed to be connected. I really do think it’s the same in real life, I think life would be super-boring if everything was scripted.


Steak (Film, 2007)

Quentin Dupieux om… det absurda: ”I lean toward the absurd because I find it absurd to film real life. Real life is great to live, but in cinema it bores me. I always need to go beyond that, to film things we don’t see in real life, situations that don’t exist, characters who don’t function like human beings. My approach is very basic, and hyper juvenile. I do things that make me laugh.” 


Rubber (Film, 2010)

Qouterat: Ladies, gentlemen, the film you are about to see today is an homage to the ”no reason” – that most powerful element of style.”


Wrong (Film, 2012)

Quoterat: ”…I only realized I loved my face after it have been burned with acid. But it was too late. Before it was just my face! I didn’t know I loved it! I only started loving it again when it have partially disappeared. Do you follow?”


Wrong Cops (Film, 2013)

Quentin Dupieux om… konstnärlig film: ”For some people, the movie should be entertaining. A lot of people don’t care about art. They don’t want to see art in a theater. If they want to see art, they go to a museum. A lot of reviews make no sense. Even some of the very good ones. Some times. Its at the end of the day, I know what I am pushing, and its hard sometimes. Because, when you pay a ticket for a movie, you expect some structure. You expect to feel something. You expect to love the main character. Things like that. I am trying to make something different. But I know that a lot of people don’t want to see Wrong in a theater. They don’t want to see ”art”. I think there is a lot of room for art in movies, still. Even though it’s a big industry now, and some of the movies are very formatted. Some of the movies are very good, and some are really bad, also. It’s a different job. I am doing a different type of movie. I know there is not a huge audience for art movies. That is why I stopped doing Q&As, because I have to answer for the movie. Instead, now, I’ll just say a few words before the movie starts. I say, ”If you don’t like it…It’s your fault.” And that is true with this movie. It’s so easy to hate. If you are not in a good mood, if you want to criticize the movie, if you want to watch it with a bad eye…Its super easy to hate.


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